Mezyn National Park (Reserve)


Mezyn National Park - Nature Reserve, which lies within the Korop District. The area of ​​the reserve is about 31 hectares.

Mezynskyy National Park was established by the Decree of the President of Ukraine in 2006 on the basis of these landscape reserve national and local level, "Ryhlivska Cottage", "Mezynska Switzerland", "Tract Krynychna", "Zhukov Ravine", "Zmiyevschyna", "Sverdlovsk" Botanical reserve "Dubravka".

In the national park hosted many unique natural features.The outputs of the Cretaceous rocks, beautiful Outs sources on the river Desna, a number of unique oak-pine forests, forests of oak, ash, linden, pine.

Developed water complex Reserve, which includes the river Desna, with its right-bank tributaries - Krista, Holovesnya, Studynka, Hvostynka. Gums are placed in the bottom of many lakes and various ponds. Most of them - the lake huts used, with an area of 50 hectares.Between the array of reservoirs, placed a small swamp area mistsevoti.

The predominant soils in the park, and probably in most major regions of Ukraine - a podzol and podzolic soils. The soil is represented by peat and sod soils.

The feature of the park is the fact that much of the territory is covered by forests, which cover about 45% of the total area of the reserve. Much of oak forests occupy. In May 'Ian cover are: yahlytsya common, hairy sedge, starwort forest and others.

The main representatives of the fauna of the national park is Mezynskoho hare, beaver river, grouse, fox, zmiyeyid (krachun) Watch, bumblebee fragrant, Swallowtail, sturgeon, owl, crane, black stork, heron, bittern, click, and others.Part fauna reserve included in the Red Book of Ukraine.

The park is also an important archaeological sites, which were excavated figurines from mammoth bones and other finds.Operates Archaeological Museum.