State Reserve "Poltava battle field"


State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Poltava battle field" - the cultural and historical center of European importance.In this area, conducted active research on these lands time of 17-18 centuries. The area of ​​the reserve is more than 770 hectares.

The reserve is included in the global tourism route that benefits uyetsya Europeans considerable authority.This reserve is the only representative of Ukraine in the international organization of military history museums in the world.Listed Heritage Site.

Creation began with the establishment of the reserve on the battlefield - the Museum Battle of Poltava.This was done in 1909 on the initiative of local history teacher Cadet Corps - Ivan Pavlovsky.

It was only in 1981, the museum and the nearby Battle of Poltava monuments of history and culture, acquired the official status of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve.

In the reserve include:

Granite obelisk in the former redoubt 1939.

Commemorative sign on the command headquarters of Peter I in 1973.

Mass grave of Russian soldiers who died in 1894.

Sampson church in 1856, renovated in 1895.

Monument of Glory 1811.

This church in 1706, renovated in 1845.

Holy Cross Monastery in 1650, housed the headquarters of Charles XII.

Obelisk Ukrainian Cossacks who died in 1994.

Museum of the Battle of Poltava absorbed the experience of all 21-year-old Northern War, in which participated Muscovy, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Ukraine and Turkey.In the exhibits presented priceless artifacts of the war, archival materials, cold steel and firearms, military flags, uniforms, letters, cards and more.