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Shchors - city district submission area (up to 1935 - Snovsk). The city is situated on the river again 75 km from Chernigov. Number of residents is 11 thousand people. Town grew in the early 20th century on the site of a peasant farm cakes (first name - Farm Korzhivka) after the construction of the railway Gomel - Bahmach. From year 1924 - city Snovsk (named after the river Snov), from May 21, 1935 - Shchors (after N.A.Schorsa, a native of the city). Soils traced ashed and sod-podzolic. Earth's interior is rich in minerals such as sand, peat, clay. Today the city has Schors'kyi Historical Museum (includes memorial house M.O.Schorsa). The city lived and worked writers Leonid Bolshakov, Anatoly Rybakov, Lydia Vakulovska, scientists Zhdanovich Jacob and Paul Bidulya. Industry City presented light and food industries production. In the city, the following enterprise: "Peter Starch and Syrup Mill", JSC "Schors'kyi food factory" Novoborovytskyy Distillery locomotive depot, PJSC "Schors'kyi Electromechanical Plant".

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