Bahmach. Vacation

Bahmach - the regional center of the Chernihiv region. On the northern borders of Chernigov Bahmach emerged - as a fortress. Bahmach originated in the XIX century. Characteristic geographical location of the city is a swamp. The climate is temperate continental cities. The city covers an area of ​​1487.73 km area. The population of the city is 54.2 thousand people .. The settlement began in the city since the laying of the railway Moscow-Kursk-Kyiv. In 1938 Bahmach gets city status. City begins rapidly rebuilt after WWII. City reached its greatest prosperity during the construction of a chemical plant. Despite the plant constructed dining, kindergartens, dormitories, Palace of Culture. Today Bahmach is an important railway and transport hub.

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14 Pushkin st, city Bakhmach, Chernihiv region
50-100 uah
(097) 8126349
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