Nizhyn. Vacation

Nizhyn - district center, which is located 80 km from the regional center. The land on which the city Nizhyn, according to archaeological studies, was inhabited in the Bronze Age. In "The Tale of Bygone Years" was first mentioned about the city. At the beginning of the XIII century Nizhyn was completely destroyed, but the city has risen from the ruins. Nizhyn - one of the cities that has kept the architecture of XVII-XVIII centuries. The architecture of the city is Nicholas and the Annunciation Cathedral and the Greek temples - Michael, All Saints and Trinity Church. In turn Nizhyn was trading city. Conducted trade in gold, silver, fabrics. The most famous of flats were Trinity, Pokrovsky and omnivores fairs, each of which lasted up to 10 weeks. Nizhyn had established links with the markets of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Crimea, Germany, Austria, Italy and Turkey. Today Nizhyn is cultural and scientific center (Drama Theatre. Kotsyubinskogo).

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2 Shevchenko st, city Nizhyn, Chernihiv regio
250-300 uah
38 (04631) 22-517
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1 Batiuk st, city Nizhyn, Chernihiv region
200-250 uah
38 (04631) 22-262
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