Uman. Vacation

Uman - the regional center of Cherkasy Oblast, a city of regional importance. The population is about 87 thousand inhabitants. The city rivers Umanka and Kamyanka.
In written sources Uman was first mentioned in 1616 as "humanitarian." 
Museum of Uman:
- National History Museum;
- Museum of Culture;
- Museum of Art, and others.
Places sacred art:
- Nicholas Cathedral, 1809;
- St. Michael's Church in 1853, and so on.
Landmark is Basilian Monastery, one of the oldest buildings in the city. There is the grave of Nachman of Uman, the most famous holy place Hasidim. Hallmark city is situated on its territory Sofievka park, which belongs to the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. An interesting fact is the presence in replica Eiffel Tower.