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Odessa Zoo

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25 Novoschipnyy av, city Odesa, Ukraine
N: 46.468458
E: 30.731954
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The idea of ​​a zoo in Odessa appeared before the centennial of the city in 1889, when it created the scheme and plan "Menagerie Police on the streets in the cliff," but by the time to put into practice this plan failed.

The next step is to create a zoo was made only in 1914 - a project of its construction in the botanical garden, the City Council approved, but started the First World War and then the Civil War prevented these plans.

Odessite had to wait over twenty years before in 1938, still the grand opening of the Odessa Zoo, and the main credit for this belongs to Henry Vladimirovich Beizert. The zoo was opened in the city center, near the famous market "Pryvoz" and Transfiguration park. At this point, it is this day.

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