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Market "Pryvoz"

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81 Panteleymonovskaya st, city Odesa, Ukraine
N: 46.470263
E: 30.731197
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History of Odessa "Privoz" begins with 1827, when the area is imported had a huge market. At that time, "Pryvoz" was part of the bazaar and it is traded mostly "imported goods", ie wheels (with chariots, wagons, etc.)..

In 1913, architect F. Nestruk built four additional two-storey building at ("Fruit passage"), successfully expanding architectural complex "Privoz". Shells arranged in pairs two rows between which is long and wide enough yard, in contrast to the classical passage is not blocked glazed roof. In each case in full length construct basement and on the first floor enfilade of ten retail space, now much rebuilt. During construction and much later "Fruit passage" was the most significant construction "Privoz".

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