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Berdichev - a city in the Zhytomyr region, second in size and multiplicity of population after the regional center. It is home to about 90,000 residents. In the nineteenth century Berdichev was one of the largest commercial and industrial centers of Ukraine. The population was about 70,000, 80% of the population were Jews.

History of Berdichev reaches the early fifteenth century., When subjected to Zvenigorod and Putivl governor Berdichev founded the farm, which began later called Berdichev. According to another version, the city owes named Birdie - battle ax. That is why the image of the ancient Slavs inserted weapons still on the city emblem.
More than two dozen architectural monuments clearly show the rich historical heritage of the city.
Worth seeing:
  • Berdichevsky historical-cultural reserve;
  • Church of St. Barbara, where March 14, 1860 married the countess Evelina Hanska prominent French writer Honore de Balzac.
  • Monastery of the Discalced Carmelites with the miraculous icon of the Mother of God;
  • Holy Transfiguration Church;
  • Holy Assumption Church;
  • three local synagogues and others.
The traditional event in the cultural life of the city is a large-scale Days of Polish Culture.
History of Berdichev associated with the names:
  • tycoon-builder J. Tyshkevych;
  • Ukraine's hetman Ivan Mazepa;
  • patrons and Prosvita Radzivils;
  • famous Polish composer Frederic Chopin;
  • world-renowned British writer Joseph Conrad, Polish power;
  • Jewish writer Sholom Aleichem;
  • tsadika Levy Yitzhak;
  • writer Vasily Grossman;
  • Ukrainian children's writer V. Nestayko et al.
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