Novograd-Volynsky. Vacation

Novograd-Volynsky (primary historical names - Zvyagel, Vozvyahel) is located on the steep bank of the river Smolka, near its confluence with Sluch. First mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle in 1257, when the city became military booty king Daniel Galician.
The name owes Zvyahelskym princes, who owned the town during the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the early sixteenth then ruler of these lands prosvitian Prince Constantine Ostrog built in Zvyagel lock.
Zvyagel was Novograd Volyn 1793 year, when the Russian government bought the town in Prince Lubomirski. Visit the capital of Volyn province until 1804
Historical Sites
- The remains of the castle of the sixteenth century;
- Buildings that belonged to the German diaspora (priest house (1904), brewery (1908), rural hospital (1900), water mill);
- Former palace Uvarov (later - Mezentsev) on the right bank of cases.
- Literary-memorial museum of Lesya Ukrainian;
- Museum Kosach family.
Every year the city is an international holiday Literature and Art "Lesyni source."
Interesting facts about the history of the city:
- 1804 in Volynskyy, was the headquarters of Field Marshal Kutuzov.
- At the beginning of the nineteenth century there was a union of Ukrainian Decembrists "Society of United Slavs."
Mentions in literary works:
- Story "convict" T. Shevchenko;
- "First Horse" Isaac Babel;
- "Strong spirit" Medvedev;
- Works by Jewish writer Mordecai Zeev et al.
Born in:
- Michael Kosach, mathematician and physicist, meteorologist and writer;
- Larissa Flower-Kosach (Lesya Ukrainian), a prominent Ukrainian poet, playwright, and social activist;
- Olga Kosach-Kryvynyuk, the first biographer of Lesya Ukrainian and zberihachka archive Kosach family;
- Jewish writer Mordecai Zeev;
- Russian actress Elena Yakovleva movie;
- Politician Vladimir Litvin;
- Diplomat B. Tarasyuk;
- Directed by B. Sharvarko et al.