Radomyshl. Vacation

City Radomyshl (ancient name - Mychesk) - one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Earth, archaeological research, was inhabited by another 35 - 30 thousand years ago. The city was first mentioned in chronicles in 1150 Hypatian In the fourteenth century. was renamed Radomysl, since 1946 is the modern name.
The population is 15 thousand people ..
Because Radomyshl longest river flowing in Zhytomyr region - Grouse, a tributary of the Dnieper.
Interesting travel sites:
- Castle Radomysl
- Museum of flora and fauna.
Born in Radomyshl:
- American jazz trumpeter and composer, co-owner of the record label «A & M Records» Emblem Alpert;
- M. Arhipovich, Army lieutenant general of the Ukrainian State;
- Russian poet Corinne G. et al.

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