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Ancient city Malin River Irsha named after the band Drevlyane Little Prince, was one of the centers of legendary strangers.
The population is about 25 million people.
The most famous attractions of the city:
- The only one in Ukraine "Banknotka" - the company which prints on paper rate, passports and other securities;
- The central street Grushevskogo with shady chestnut trees in Europe and the only monument to Nicholas Myklusi-Maclay;
- Central Saint Basil's Cathedral, which is not subject to either Kiev or Moscow Patriarchate, while the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCA);
- Cathedral Square with the "White House" the City Council, the Orthodox cathedral and fire in the former synagogue
- Church of St. Anne, built at the expense of Princess Radziwill in Greek style;
- Holy Assumption Church on Holodomor Memorial and Princess Olga and Prince Vladimir;
- Malin Sea - a large artificial pond Malynsky reservoir formed by a dam on the river Irsha;
- Estate Maclay in the tract Hamarnya (now - Malyn Forestry College) with the remnants of an old park and local history museum;
- Chapel princes Hizhytskyh emblem Hozdava the cemetery in settlement.
 The famous attractions surrounding Raspberry:
- Monastery of Our Lady of Kazan and Kiev Metropolitan Women's St. Michael's tract boiling near the village Chopovychi. There's still - the famous healing spring;
- Underwater museum and a diving center in Lake quarry in the village. Granite;
- Prayer house Christian Protestants, which in Polissya traditionally called "shtundy";
- Crushed career, popular among amateur climbers;
- Malin station PS-45 international seismic monitoring system under the auspices of the UN and others.
Malin is the birthplace of M. Maclay, Ukrainian traveler, anthropologist, ethnographer, geographer, humanist researcher peoples of Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania.

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