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City Korosten (ancient name - sparrows) is located on the ancient rocks on both sides of scenic river Oh, a tributary of the Pripyat, at 87 km north of Zhitomir, 60 km from the border with the Republic of Belarus, 150 km from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.
The population is 66.7 thousand people.
Terje inhabited since the Paleolithic - one of Europe's largest deposits of flint attracted attention for more than 10,000 years ago.
According to historical records, in the early tenth century Iskorosten was mighty city residence Drevlyany Little Prince. The most famous chronicler of the city refers rebellion Drevlyane attempt by Prince Igor reassemble them tribute and brutal revenge Olga, her husband's death.
In 1589 the city received Magdeburg rights.
Worth seeing:
- Ancient mound;
- Burial tomb;
- The world's only monument pancakes.
City Museum:
- Museum Korosten;
- Historical military facility "Rock";
- Museum locomotive depot century. Korosten;
- Museum Closed "Korosten Porcelain."
- International Festival of pancakes (every year on the third Saturday of September, in the city park of Culture. Ostrovsky);
- Literary Festival "Just for cover."
In the city were born:
- Academician O. Pylyankevych;
Scientist - architect V. Yasiyevych.

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