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Storozhinets district is located in the southwestern part of Chernivtsi region, the area of ​​the district is 1160 square kilometers, and the population as of 01.02.2012 amounts to more than 97,900 cholovik.Na south it borders on Romania, to the west - Vizhnitsky region, two-thirds of all area of ​​the district is Bucovina foothills, one-third - Bukovina Carpathians. Climate of the region, especially in the foothills of the Carpathians moderately warm, moist, favorable for the development of winter and summer of leisure. Founded in 1940 Storozhinetsky region - is not only the largest in area, but also one of the most unique in the historical context. This land, even in the relatively recent past was not the only territorial - administrative unit, and owned by different customs and traditions parts of Bukovina. Stretching from Mount Tsetsino, which stands at the junction Kitsmanschyny and margin Chernivtsi, until the famous mountain in the tract Laura Parsley on the border with the neighboring state Romania Storozhynechchyna is a unique natural treasure of flora and fauna, the land of "golden" beech and protected hunting grounds. In particular, an interesting settlement area is the village of Old Zhadov, which is located 24 km from the county seat and was first mentioned in documents from 1490. According to legend, many centuries ago in the settlement existed Zhadov old monastery of the holy source of water which had medicinal properties, but the monastery was burned by the Tatars, but this place was built the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. Before World War II, the village had two schools synagogue, none of which have survived, but in the center of the village preserved old Jewish cemetery Kirkut with stone slabs, tombstones. Near the center of the village on the banks of the Seret near the confluence of the rivers it is Zhydivka former Earl Sykantyna, which includes a three-story palace built in 1893 and the park. Made in the traditional end of the nineteenth century, Art Nouveau palace outside decorated with stone ornaments with images of plants and animals over the main entrance is located on the second floor balcony. Around the former palace situated park, founded by Count Sykantynom by experienced foreign gardener, some trees and plants which, many of which are relic, preserved to this day, in addition, in the center of the park remained idle fountain. One nytsikavishyh churches in the village of Old Zhadov is Michael wooden church, built in 1806, which is the only souvenir area that gets the list of architectural monuments of Ukraine national importance but it is the Roman Catholic church, built in 1930 and the Church of the Holy Trinity, which was built in 1992
In the village of New Zhadov, part starozhadivskoyi village preserved structure of two Roman Catholic churches, one of which is renovated and current. The village Punk should examine church-chapel of St. Michael the Archangel, built in 1882, is located to the left of the road and is the oldest wooden church naBukovyni, and one of the oldest in the whole of Western Ukraine has been preserved to our times. Also very interesting is having three peaks typical wooden Hutsul type Dmitriev church built in 1896 - 1900 years, which is the same place as the village Punk survived Klynivskyy Park, founded in 60th years of the nineteenth century or Mr. gravel or landowner Janos on the left bank Siret River. The village Zrub-Komarivska, which according to the annual nationwide competition "Locality best arrangement and maintenance of public order" for the year 2008 was declared the first among villages in Chernivtsi region and second among villages in Ukraine, worth seeing cruciform in shape with a trefoil octahedral tower on church pews Paraskevi in ​​1820 building, which is a monument of architecture of local importance. There is another extremely beautiful wooden chapel in honor of St. Nicholas, which looks like a fairy tale brought, please the eye in akurat stacked log and shingle the roof. In the village of Petrovka Lower descendants still live chadetskyh Gorals, ie Polish Highlanders, who were resettled here again by the Austrian government, the memory of which is still active Church of the Transfiguration, built in the 20th years of the twentieth century, and in the same village is stone Paraskevska tserkva1906 year of construction. In the village of Petrovka Upper preserved as descendants chadetskyh Gorals, in memory of which the center of the village stands the stone church of St. Anthony, built in 1907, is reminiscent of past great Roman Catholic community of the village, and there has, founded in 1994, women Monastery of the Holy Myrrh-bearing Women, and the Church of the Archangel Michael, built in 1998, is among the relics that attract pilgrims, is an icon of the Mother of God Vsetsaritsy of Athos monastery, which according to believers tends to heal cancer patients.

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