Hlyboka district. Vacation

Hlyboka district - south of Chernivtsi region. Administrative center - town. Deep. The population is about 74 thousand inhabitants.

The district is a monument Tripoli culture (pp. Old Vovchynets, portage, heater, etc.).

Museums Hlybotskiy area:

- National History Museum,Deep;

- Museum of the village.Old Vovchynets (in the museum houses a collection of Easter eggs, numbering 5,000 thousand copies;

- Museum-estate O. Kobylyanskaya, p.Mist; and others.

Attractions Sacred Art District:

- Nicholas Church, 1618, p.Glade;

- Church of the Assumption, 1718, p.Turyatka;

- Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, p.White Well; and so on.


- Palace Skibnevskyh;

- Cherepkivskyy palace;

- Wealth with.Petrychanka; and so on.

Famous natives of the area:

- Ivo Bobul - People's Artist of Ukraine;

- Marian Tabala - soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine;

- A. Prikhodko, Wozniak - poet; and so on.