Hlyboka. Vacation

Hlyboka is the regional center Glybocky district Chernovtsy region, is located 30 km from the regional center of Bukovina - Chernivtsi. PGT. Hlyboka counts 9376 inhabitants according to data from 1/1/2011, the first mention of the town dates back to 1438 year. Climate - temperate continental with cold winters and warm, moderately humid summers. In winter, temperatures can drop to -32 ° C, and in summer climb to +35 ° C. During the years 1919-1940 the Romanian occupation locality called Adynkata. Although not very high popularity among tourists village, there is also a number of monuments of history, culture and architecture. Period ruling Austro-Hungarian Empire left in the center of a number of buildings of the nineteenth - early twentieth centuries, notably stand out against the background of Soviet architecture and modern private dwelling residents of the town. On the street Shevchenko, 24 survived a three-story house family of Polish landlords Skybynetskyh which by Austrian times were most influential family in town. Today, as a result of later reconstructions, it is more like an administrative building, and its centennial age reminds unless pitched roof, now housed in a building children's department of the hospital. The street Glyboksky should examine Sorrowful Mother Church, built in 1906, with the assistance of landlords Skybynetskyh. The church is small but attracts unusual architecture facade gable which resembles two staircases that supposedly lead to its peak, the temple was closed in 1946 and returned to the faithful only in 1993. Also deep is the Orthodox Church of St. Mary, built in 1908, located on the street Glyboksky far from the church. On the street you can see the old Pionerska kirche, built in the mid-nineteenth century, where the prayer house of Christian evangelists. The house at No. 91, located on Central Street, built by German colonists in the late nineteenth century, is the central district library. Almost opposite the library on Central Street 92 - a small two-storey building with balconies, built in the middle of the last century, is located in the district archives. One-story building music school, built in the late nineteenth century facade faces directly on two streets, forming their corner something like towers with balconies. In a wooden house at number 96 on the street located Central Museum, where you can see the exhibition of antiques and exhibits that tell about the history and development of the town and district. Central Square Deep surrounded by high light modern homes that provide townships look. It is in this area are monuments to Taras Shevchenko, a fighter for freedom of Ukraine and Afghan veterans. Every year on the day Basil at Central Square Deep is one of the most exciting Malanka in Bukovina, which in recent years turns into contests of the best Malanka in the region.