Novoselytsia district. Vacation

Novoselytsia district - an area of ​​Chernivtsi region. The district center - Novoselytsia. The population of the district is more than 80 thousand people.

The largest river of the district is Rod.

The district found the remains of settlements IV-III century BC.

Places sacred art

- Illinska Bloc church with a bell tower, 1560 (pp.Toporivtsi);

- Trinity Church, 1818 (pp.Mahala);

- Church of the Assumption, 1838 (pp.Boyani);

- Church of St. George, 1858 (mNovoselytsia); and so on.

The district contains two reserves: reserve "Prutska floodplain" and reserve "Dranytskyy."

Worth visiting the cave Cinderella, which is one of the largest mazes in the world. It has three levels, includes underground lakes, canyons.

Famous natives of the area:

- Sofia Rotaru - singer, people's artist;

- Lily Sandulesa - singer, people's artist;

- Stephen Sabadash - composer; and others.