Novoselytsia. Vacation

Novoselytsia - city, regional center Novoselytskiy district, Chernivtsi region, located near the rivers Prut and Rokitno. The area of ​​the town is 6.47 square meters. miles, and its population as of 01.01.2011 amounted to over 7,800. Novoselytsia first mentioned in documents in 1456, and received city status in 1940. Climate of the region is temperate continental with warm summers, mild winters and plenty of moisture. Generally, the city Novoselytsia and Novoselytsya area with a significant number of both natural monuments and historical and kultury.Tsikavym is the fact that about Novoselitsy river Rokytnyanka on which to WWI, the border between the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires , now the river conventionally divides Northern Bukovina and Bessarabia. In the city there are two Orthodox churches - St. George in 1858 budivnytstvata Assumption in 1907 construction. Also preserved fortifications around the First World War, built by General D.Karbyshevym. Location is about 80 monuments of history, culture and architecture. One of the most famous, is built in 1560 rotsiIllinska church in the village. Toporivtsi, which is one of the oldest temples in Bukovina. In fact, this defensive church is the third church age Bukovina after Luzhanska and Ruhotynskoho. Another attraction is the new Elias Church, fabricated in the years 1911-1914, more like a romantic fairytale palace or castle. This church should examine image martyr John Suchavsky and chair throne, which were prepared for the visit of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph. Interestingly village Marshyntsi, that it was born the famous singer Sofia Rotaru. In Marshyntsyah is a very interesting house, built of red brick. Nicholas Church, built in 1887, is a unique monument of religious architecture and makes an indelible impression on visitors. Among natural monuments visitors interested Naddnistrianska caves that are huge branching cave, which today is not fully understood and known only fragmentary. Between the village and homestead Transnistrian village Anatolia is one of the largest mazes in the world, the southern part of which, stalactite cave "Cinderella" attracts researchers here, cavers and tourists. This cave has three floors and impressive size galleries and halls, the length of which reaches 170 meters, open-work transitions, lakes and canyons, and ranks 8th in the world for long passages. Also worth visiting cave "Bukovynka" and landscape reserve "Prutska floodplain", which is also famous natural monuments irrespectively Novoselytskiy area.