Zastavna district. Vacation

Zastavna district north of Chernivtsi region. The district center - Mortgage. The population of the area exceeds 51 million people.

The biggest river Dniester region is.

Memo area is Khreschatytska Monastery, which was built in 1765. There is a healthy source of radiance that appears every year at the feast of John the Evangelist.

Worth a visit:

- Karst cave "Ducha" (its length is 114 meters),

- The geological relic cave maze in the tract "Long Ravine", p.Pohorilivka;

- Ladshaftnyy reserve "Kadubivska wall";

- Sovytski swamps, and more.

Notable natives pledge:

- M. Ivasjuk - artist;

- V. Shenderovs'kyj - physicist;

- To Kochmaryky - famous American architects, and others.