Kitsman district. Vacation

Kitsman district - North Chernivtsi region. The district center - Kitsman. The population of the area exceeds 70 million people. The major rivers of the district are Rod, Sovytsya, Hnylytsya, and more.

The district found the remains of settlements that date back to IV-V century ..

The oldest settlement area was first mentioned in written sources in 1413 year.

Museums Kitsmansky area:

- Museum of Nature, p.Green;

- Local History Museum,Kitsman;

- Museum Place of Mykolaichuka, p.Chortoryia, and more.

Places sacred art:

- Church of the Assumption, 1887 (pp.Lingonberry);

- Church of Our Lady the Queen, in 1826 (the cityKitsman); and so on.