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Yalta - a resort town in Ukraine, which stretches along the Black Sea from Cape Sarich to Aju-Dag.

The first mention of the city dates back to 1837. The area of the town is 17.37 km ², population - 80,5 thousand people. The climate in subtropical Mediterranean type.
In the Middle Ages Yalta had several names, such as: Dzhalita, Yalita, Kaulita. There Yalta is Ukraine's first private zoo "Fairy Tale".
City its glorious sights and tourist attractions. Among these historical importance: Swallow's Nest - a monument of architecture and history, is located on a 40-meter cliff Ai Thodor in Cape Town. Equally popular in Yalta Yalta is an amphitheater - Yalta strip mountains shaped amphitheater and ends Yalta jajloj. So what is the Crimea without Yalta mountain forest reserve that includes 1356 species of plants. For thrill seekers will zest passenger ropeway that connects Ai-Petri and Mishor. Must be photographed and gracious eye worth about Bajdarsky gate.
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