Gursuf. Vacation

Gursuf - resort small town, on the southern shore of the picturesque Crimea.

The first mention of Gursuf were found in the treatise Byzantine historian "On Building", which was written in 553-555 years. Gurzufsky Valley area is about 30 km ². The population of the territory is 8676 people. The climate is subtropical dry. Winters as such in Gurzufe not.
Gursuf first on the southern coast of Crimea began to develop as a resort. Not just highlight and prominent in the history of Gurzuf involvement is the name of Alexander Pushkin in the history of the village. The poet himself described the impression of being in this place in "Excerpts from a letter to D." back in the 1820s.
Outstanding places Gurzuf from ancient to residents and tourists were the remains of a medieval Genoese fortress on the cliff Dzhenevez-Kai. For creative individuals as interesting Villas Activity Workshop Russian painter K. Korovin. And, perhaps not known to come in Gurzufsky park - monument of landscape architecture. On the coast can be viewed popular tourist destination - Rock Adalary, located at 250 meters from the shore and reaches a height of 38 and 40 meters. Near Gurzuf are Bear Mountain or Ajudag to lay down on the southern coast of Crimea.
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20 Vynohradna st, town Hurzuf, city Yalta, Crimea
400-450 uah
+38 (050) 49-79-620
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