Vynohradne. Vacation

Vynohradne - small town, located 3.5 km from Yalta in Yalta mountain-forest reserve.

His current statuts settlement received in 1971. Population 1357 people.
The village is the first private zoo in Ukraine, where a recent single from couple sloths and many other species of animals and birds.
Tourists can here not only sunbathe and admire the view. Because the village is a museum of museum exhibits spanning over 200 sculptures from wood and stone for the fabulous story of Ukrainian, Russian, Armenian, Georgian folklore, landscape and sculptural complex «Slavic settlement" sculptures based on fairytales S. Marshak, Pushkin, the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault. Picturesque landscapes, cozy beaches and malolyudnist grape - the main features of this resort town.
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