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Nikita - urban village, which lies 7 km northeast of the city of Yalta.

Village Nikita was known from 1812, after the establishment of botanical gardens here. The area of the village is 3.0231 km ². The population is dominated by Russian and Ukrainian, which is 2.2 million people.
In ancient times, the village. Nikita did not exist as a separate unit: pre-settlement voz'yednalys to form two settlements, called Nikita and Botanical.
Populyatnist settlement provides Nikita Botanical Gardens - the oldest research institution in Ukraine. Garden covers an area of ​​280 hectares, together with affiliates - 1000 ha. Tourists can explore the 28 thousand shapes, forms and varieties of trees and plants from all five continents. In October and November in Nikiti is the annual Chrysanthemum Ball - about 350 varieties and forms. For tourists will also be pleased to tasting room of the famous wine brands "Magarach" located near the garden.
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