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Krasnokamianka - small town situated by 66 km from Simferopol, and 16 km from Yalta.

Officially become a town was in 1971. Its population but also Ukrainian Tatars, Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Karaites, Poles. Total population is 1024 people. The area is - 1.1958 km ². Terrain, creates a unique microclimate that area, in which Muscat grapes are grown.
Gaining importance in this village hiking trail which is the main path to the Roman-Kosh - highest mountain peak of the Crimean Mountains (1545 m). Krasnokamianka interested tourists not only for its scenic areas, but the main feature of this settlement - Red Stone (or Kizil-Tash, Kai-Helin) - a giant block marmurovydnoho brownish red limestone height of 72 meters This area is also fascinating for its vineyards and Lavender plantations, gardens, located around the village.
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Crimea, Yalta city, village Krasnokamianka
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