Kolomyia district. Vacation

Kolomyia district is located in the southeast of Ivano-Frankivsk region. District Center - Coloma. It formed in 1939. The presence of many monuments of architecture, history, conservation area, make Kolomiyschina attractive to tourists. The district has 8 railway stations.
The region rivers - Dniester Cheremosh, Rod and their tributaries.
Population of over 100 thousand inhabitants.
Attractions Sacred Art:

  • Annunciation Church of the sixteenth century. (Coloma);
  • St.. Michael XVIII century. (p. United heater);
  • St.. George and belfry XVIII century. (p. Bab'yanka);
  • Bernardine Church, XVIII century. (village Gvozdets) and others.

Natural monuments:

  • yew reserve (p. Knyazhdvor);
  • Valley snowdrops "Kropyvets" (p. Molodyatyn) and others.

Museums Kolomyyschiny:

  • Museum of Eggs;
  • Museum of Kolomyyschiny;
  • History Museum;
  • Historical Museum im.Oleksy Dovbush and others.