Sniatyn. Vacation

Sniatyn- a district center in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Through it flows the river Prut. In written sources first mentioned in 1158.

Magdeburg Law Snyatyn received in 1448.

The population is more than 10 thousand inhabitants.
The city has no railway station, the nearest is 5 km (Farm-Alarm).
Attractions Sacred Art:
Armenian Church (1801);
Church of the Ascension of the Lord (1838);
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and so on.
In Snyatyn is City Hall, built in the late nineteenth century., And is known for being the tallest in the Western Ukraine.
Museums Sniatyn:
Museum Mark Cheremshyny - Ukrainian writer, public figure;
Museum Stefanik.
Famous residents Sniatyn:
V. Cassian - painter, graphic artist;
I. Zinkovsky - singer;
R. Turin - artist, activist and more.