Tysmenytsya district. Vacation

Tysmenytsya district is located in the heart of Ivano-Frankivschyny.Vin surrounds the town of Ivano-Frankivsk. District center is the city Tysmenytsia. The population of the area reaches 84 thousand inhabitants.

The oldest settlements in the district include Cherniyiv, Old Kryvotuly, Uhryniv and others.
Attractions Sacred Art District:
Church of Our Lady and her belfry Tysmenytsya;
St.. Nicholas Tysmenytsya.
Museums Tysmenytsia district:
Museum Tysmenytsya;
Ethnographic Museum, p. Slobidka;
Historical Museum, p. Silets.
Protected areas:
Reserve "Kozakov Valley";
Monument of nature - "Vovchinetskiy mountains."
In the area there are mineral springs.
Notable natives Tysmenschyny:
K. Levitsky - historian;
P. Berynda - poet, translator, author of the first Ukrainian dictionary published and others.