Rozhnyativ district. Vacation

Rozhnyativ district located in the western part of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. District Centre - Rozhnyatov. Area was established in 1940. The population reaches 74 thousand people.

The oldest settlements in the district include Rozhnyativ Broshniv-precipitate Pereginske and others.
Attractions Sacred Art:
• Pereginske monastery, 1400 y;
• Church of Sts. Michael, 1754 - p. Tsineva;
• Nicholas Church, 1760
Museums Rozhniativ area:
• Regional Museum "Boikovshchina" - city Rozhnyatov;
• Historical and Museum - p. Tsineva.
It will be interesting to visit the castle Skarbka in Rozhnyatov, which was built in the fourteenth century ..
The district znadyatsya several protected areas. These are:
• Reserve "Gorgan";
• reserve "Grof";
• «Turov cottage";
• Tract "Falcon";
• Botanical Reserve "Yaykivskyy" etc..