Kosiv district. Vacation

Kosovo region is located in the southeast of Ivano-Frankivsk region. It was established in 1940. The regional center - the city of CBS. Distance from district center in Ivano-Frankivsk is about 100 km. The population exceeding 88 thousand inhabitants.

Attractions Sacred Art:
• Church of St. Paraskeva-Friday (1753), p. Kosmach;
• Ascension Church (1795), p. Brusturiv;
• Ascension Church (1844), p. Lyucha;
• Annunciation Church (1850), p. Verbovets;
• Church of the Transfiguration (1851), p. Rozhniv and others.
Monument of nature Kosivschyna to visit:
• Park "Hutsul";
• Rock Sokol;
• g Tarnoshora;
• Natural boundaries: Homynske, businessman, Swan, and others.
In Kosiv area are several waterfalls: Silver Falls (p. Sheshory), Hook (of CBS), Large and Small Hook (p. Whispers), and so on.
Museums Kosivschyna:
• historical museum;
• Museum of Lesya Ukrainian;
• Museum Dovbush;
• Folk Museum;
• Kosovo Museum of Folk Art and Life Hutsul and others.
The district has mineral springs with a high content of organic matter (p. Sheshory, p. Pistyn, p. Prokurava).