Zolochiv district. Vacation

Zolochiv district - an area which is located in the Lviv region. The district center - Zolocev. The population of 70 thousand. This is one of the most tourist-attractive parts of Lviv. Zolochevsky Castle is part of the most popular tourist route - the "Golden Horseshoe of Lviv."

Places sacred art:

  • Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, c.Hlynyany (1749),
  • Church of Sts.Nicholas of Zolocev (1765),
  • Church of the Resurrection, ofZolocev (1624 -1627 y),
  • Church of the USP.The Blessed Virgin, Zolocev (1731, 1763),
  • Assumption of the Virgin, p.White Stone (1613),
  • - Church of St..Nicholas, p. Vyzhnyany (1400 - 1651), and others.


  • Museum-Reserve "Zolochevsky lock" the cityZolocev;
  • Memorial homestead Shashkevych, p.Podlasie;
  • Museum "Koltivskyy corridor," p.Earrings.

Natural monuments:

  • Comprehensive monument mountain nature Vapnyarka;
  • Botanical natural monument Bald Mountain and Mount barn owl.

Near born celebrities such as Markian Shashkevych - member of the "Ruthenian Triad" and founder of the publishing house "Mermaids Transnistria", and Naphtali Hertz Imbera - Jewish poet, author of the national anthem of Israel.