Kamianka-Buzka district. Vacation

Kamianka-Buzka district - an area in the Lviv region in Ukraine, with the district center in Kamenka-Bugskaya.

The district was formed in 1940, of which at present consists of 3 towns, 22 rural councils. Results in the area is 78 settlements.The area is about 87 hectares of the population - 62 thousand people. In the rural population accounts for 38 thousand people., The city - 24 thousand people.

Kamianka-Buzka district is located in the northeast of Lviv region.Distance from the regional center - the city of Lviv is 39 km. To the north of Sokal and Radekhiv the west - with Zhovkivsky the east and south-east - Busk, in the south - Pustomitovsky district, Lviv region.

Kamianka-Buzka considered a developed industrial area.Agricultural region specializes in growing rural district of worship, as in the cultivation of sugar beet and flax, meat and milk.

Developed infrastructure in the industry area has Dobrotvir TPS, about 80% share.Developed timber-processing, wood and energy industry.

Architecture Kamianka-Buzka area:

  • Church of St. Nicholas (1667, built of wood)
  • The bell tower of the Church of St. Nicholas (1762 wood)
  • Church of St. George (1759, village Batyatychi)
  • The bell tower of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1762, village Vysloboky)
  • Stone Chapel (1600)
  • Church of the Assumption of the Virgin (1881, built of wood)

The sights Kamianka-Buzka area include:

  • The house where he lived and worked for GM Tyutyunnyk, Ukrainian writer. Established mamorialna plate 1970.
  • Cemetery of Soviet soldiers.
  • Tomb of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen II Borachka.
  • Monument in honor of the abolition of serfdom in the countryside Velykosilky.
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