Radekhiv district. Vacation

Radekhiv district - district of Lviv region, located in the northern part. The center - Radekhiv. Population more than 48 thousand people. The major rivers of the district is the Western Bug and Stir.

Museum District:

- National Museum of Local History, p.Ones;

- Historical Museum Radekhiv, cRadekhov;

- Museum Alexander Myshugy, p.New development.

Attractions Sacred Art District:

- Church of Simeon, p.Sushno (1700),

- Church of the Blessed Virgin Christmas Day, p.Radvantsi (1700),

- Church of the Transfiguration, p.New Development (1738),

- Church of the Immaculate Conception Divy Maria, town.Lopatin (1772) and others.


- Reserve "Pukach";

- Reserve "Lopatinsky."