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Peremyshliany district - District STR is in the southeastern part of the Lviv region.The city lies on the banks of the mold. It is located on an important road towards Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk. It is home to 6918 people. Settlement area is 4.65 km. quarter.
Peremyshlyany district is located in the southeastern part of the Lviv region first.To the north - with Zolochevsky region in the east - with the Ternopil region, in the south - Ivano-Frankivsk region, south-west - Zhidachev district in the west - Mykolaiv region.
At present in Peremyshlyany area are about 50 thousand people. Of these, rural - 36,2 thousand people, urban population - 11,5 thousand people.
For the first time in written sources Peremyshljany mentioned in 1437. In 1645, the city erected a Dominican convent and church of st. Apostles Peter and Paul. The church has been preserved to our time. In 1909 the city was built over the railway Lions - Potutory (Pidhaytsi), which has a positive impact on the economy of the city.
Famous natives of the city are Omelian Kovch priest, where a memorial plaque in the city.
We distinguish the following well-known architectural monuments Peremyshliany area:
  • Church of the Epiphany (village Bachiv)
  • Stone Church of St. Nicholas (1402)
  • Nativity of the Virgin (1735)
  • Church of the Ascension (village Wallachia)
  • Church of St. Stanislaus (1485, stone)
  • Assumption of the Virgin (1546, stone village SvirZ)
  • Defensive Tower (1484, village SvirZ)
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