Staryi Sambir district. Vacation

Staryi Sambir district - south-western region of Lviv oblast. The center - Staryi Sambir.

The population exceeds 78 million people. The largest settlements in the area is the Old Sambor, Dobromyl, Khyriv.

Museum District:

Historical and Museum krayeznvchyy "Charm", p.Staryava;

Local history museum village of Lower Wolf;

Local history museum with.Mshantsya.

Worth visiting the park - a monument of landscape architecture XVIII c., Which is incorporated in the late eighteenth century. Count Adam Lubomirski.

Natural monuments of the region:

Rock 'Sokolov (Devil's) Stone ";

Rock, where he built a castle Galician Lion, p.Spas;

The district, namely, in the village. Dobromyl are the ruins of the castle. Are they blind hill. Also in the village. Murovane are castle ruins Tarle.