Sokal district. Vacation

Sokal district - the administrative center of the northern part of the Lviv region. The district center is located in Sokal.

In the north area bordered by Ivanychi and Gorokhivska districts of Volyn region. Also, bordered by Radekhiv, Cam 'Janka-Bug and Zhovkivsky district of Lviv region.

Near the city is located Chervonograd regional importance. This city is a developed industrial sector, which is formed around a few conglomerates in urban areas: Sokal, Sosnivka, Miner, Zhvyrka.

The distance to the city from the district center is 95 km.

The district was formed in the Soviet Union in 1939. The area is 1573 square meters. kilometers, accounting for over 7% of the entire Lviv region., Sokal district population is about 94 million people.

The first historical mention of the city center and Sokal District, dated 1377 year.

The climate is temperate continental, characterized by high humidity, mostly cloudy and mild climate.

The region lies within the Western Bug River (a tributary of the Vistula), respectively, the water sector is saturated enough.

Among the distinguished black soils d ashed, sod-podzolic, meadow-bog, peat bog and more.Common pine forests, marsh vegetation.

Among the architectural monuments are the following:

  • Ensemble Bernardine 17th century.
  • The Church of St. Michael the Archangel 1778.
  • Stone Church of St. Nicholas in Sokal 16th century.
  • Church of St. Mark in 1693.
  • Potocki Palace and estate of 19th century - the village sawmill.
  • Potocki Palace 1691 - Chervonograd city.
  • Complex Basilian monastery in 1692.