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Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet

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1 Chaikovsky av, city Odesa, Ukraine
N: 46.485392
E: 30.741171
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Theatrical life in Odessa dates back to the earliest days of the city, and opera and ballet can rightly be called the elder among a number of local cultural institutions.

Odessa has secured the rights to build the Opera House in 1804, and in 1809 it was already built. February 10, 1810, the first show - Russian group P. Fortunatova put Freliha one-act opera "New Family" and a vaudeville "comforted the widow."

In 1873, at the Opera House on fire, and he burned. Not about that recovery is not out of the question. It was a tragedy that soften one thing - no one was injured.

Draft a new theater was proposed Viennese architects F. Fellner and Helmer, the projects which were built theaters in many European cities (Vienna, Budapest, Dresden, Zagreb, etc.).'s Been almost eleven years since the fire before laying the first stone building the foundation of a new opera house and theater grand opening was held October 1, 1887.

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