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Teschin bridge Odesa

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Military descent 1, city Odesa, Ukraine
N: 46.490559
E: 30.738136
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Pedestrian bridge connecting the seaside boulevard and parkway Zhvanetskogo, was erected on the descent of Joan Lyaburb in 1968 by the architect and engineer Vladimir Kiriyenko. The bridge was designed and built by order of Michael Sinitsy - "Soviet governor" post-war years (the first secretary of the regional party committee).

This youngest of Odessa's famous bridges in the city called "Teschin cities."

It is still unknown whether it is fiction or truth, but there is a legend about how the city got its name. It is said that Michael Sinica, very much loved Teschin pancakes, and live in-law and son-in various boulevards, and the distance of five hundred meters circuitous route they seemed unbearably long. And so it came to Sinitsy idea of ​​building an expensive direct pedestrian bridge, which had virtually no communication value for the city.

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