Skomorohy. Vacation

The village Skomorohy is situated on the River Strypa 18 km. from the city of Buchach. It is home to 1,199 people, occupying the territory of 2,782 km. square. This ride regular bus from the district center.

The first written mention of the Buffoons dated 1439 in the I half of the 20th century. acted "Enlightenment", "January", "Falcon", "farmer" and other Ukrainian companies. Today the village has attractions such as the Church of St. Demetrius (1887, stone, rebuilt 1938), memorial cross in honor of the abolition of serfdom, two crosses on the burial site of German and Hungarian soldiers (1944); symbolic grave of "Figure" Lady (1995). Is nature monument of local importance - Rocks seven sources. Also buffoons are tourist and recreational complex "Forest" and camp "Forest bell", where you can have fun, improve your health, take a break from city life, to live among nature.

Buffoons can boast natives, because here were born:

     Polish historian, art critic Antonevich-Boloz Yang;
     engineer, civic leader R. Ghalib;
     socio-political and cultural figure I. Krasnozhon.

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Village Skomorokhy, Buchatskyy district, Ternopil ...
50-100 uah
+38 (03544) 3-30-92
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Village Skomorokhy, Buchatskyy district, Ternopil ...
151-200 uah
+38 (096) 382-27-57
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