Buchach district. Vacation

Buchach district- an area in the Ternopil region, formed in 1940. Area A district is about 800 km.In the area include Bucac city, town Golden Stream and 59 villages. Area is in landscape boundaries Ukrainian territory Opole.

Near-developed food industry and building materials. There are about 10 strong enterprises of national importance.

This area has a long history and culture. The first settlements date back 40-45 thousand years ago, during the Paleolithic.

City Bucac located 72 km. south-west of the city of Ternopil.It occupies an area of ​​9.98 square meters. Km., 12.5 million people live. Extraordinary beauty adds Strypa river, along which rozlyahayetsya Bucac. The favorable location of the city makes it easily accessible to tourists mozhlyvis here from anywhere in the area, adzhevono located at the intersection of roads leading to the gifts of the monastery, Chertkov, Golden Stream, Koropets plunger and thick, besides there is rail-th combination Bucac - Chertkov.

City Bucac rich in unique historical and architectural monuments. Among the most famous: the castle of the XIV century., The monastery of the Basilian Fathers in 1712, City Hall (1751) and several other attractions.

Glory Bucac creates not only its unique landscape, rich history and architectural monuments, but prominent natives of the city. Were born: Worker UPA, captain Jaroslav Kosarchyn (1920-1951 years), social and educational activist Michael Haluschynskyy (1878-1931 years), church leader and theologian Fr. Theodosius Haluschynskyy (1880-1952 years), a Polish artist Michal Victor Chepita (1884-1941 years), Shmuel Yosef Jewish writer Agnon (1888-1970 years), leader of the Polish and the international labor movement, journalist Ostap Dluski (A. Lyanher , 1892-1964 years), writer, literary critic and journalist Michael Ostroverkha (1897-1979 years), social activist, a veterinarian Evgeny Baranovsky (1914-1985 gg.)

We select well-known architectural monuments Buchatsky area:

  • With amok (lateXIV-XVI cc.), The church in the natural Monastyrok (XVI c.), The Church of St. Nicholas (XVII c.), Hall (1751), Basilian Monastery of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Church of St. Mary and the rest - in Buchach and around
  • K ostel (XVI c.), Castle (1600 p.) - In the village.Pidzamochok
  • Nicholas Potocki Palace Basil (XVIII century. Needs restoration), the castle and the tower entrance (XVII c.), Church (1634), the house-Skvarchynskyh Hnyevoshiv (1848), Holy Trinity Church and Bell Tower (1897 .) chapel (XIX c.) - in the village of Golden Stream
  • Five sheets, Church of the Assumption (1590), Church (1551), Poniatowski Palace, Tomb c.Marcelina Darovskoyi (XVI-XVIII c.) - In the village. Yazlovets
  • bell tower (XVIII c.) - in the village. Bilyavyntsi et al.
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