Zolotyi potik. Vacation

Zolotyi potik - urban village in Buchachsky region of Ternopil region.Status town. acquired in 1984. Located in the south of Ternopil region, is 24 km distance from the town to the towns of regional importance - Bucac.

The population of the town is about 2500. Golden stream is the river of gold, which flows into the nearby river Dniester.

In medieval times the town was known Zahaypole. The first written references date from the late 16th century, it was under this name.So outstanding graduate of Charles University Anatoly demes gave a detailed description of wedding ceremony in the village, giving rise to the existence of the then Gold Flow unique ritual traditions.

Zolotyi potik is linked to a family of Polish powerful - Potocki.Their roots came from people from this village.

Highlight of the village is considered Zolotopotitskyy castle, which was built mainly of sand locally produced.The castle was a regular (rectangular) defenses. By the late 18th century the castle was housing. In the western part of the building was an ancient well, which was covered in the 19th century.

We distinguish the following architectural monuments of the town of Golden Thread:

Holy Trinity Church (1897, artists who worked on the construction of J. Levitsky, A. Orzechowski).

Zarvanycia Chapel of Our Lady.

Symbolic grave of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen (restored in 1991).

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Mary and Miss St. Szczepan (1634).

Mission to cross the 100th anniversary of the church of St.. Trinity (1997).

The ruins of the castle (bl.1608 y).

Hnyevoshiv Palace (1840).

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