Skala-Podilska. Vacation

Urban village Skala-Podilska was founded March 28, 1210. The city has a river Zbruch. Today is home to 4700 people.

In the first half of the XIV century. there was a defensive wooden-earthen castle. Since the XVI century. were frequent attacks of Tatars, in 1516, the castle was captured and burned to the ground. A few years later began the repair and rebuilding, and soon everything was restored and improved. Yet twice in its history, the castle suffered damage in 1657 and 1672, respectively, and then not rebuilt. Inside the fortress in the XVIII st.restavrovano magnificent palace with large cellars. But in the annals of stating that the palace hit by lightning and destroyed much of it. Today the remaining tower, defensive walls, 4-tiered powder tower and the remains of the palace zprekrasnym ornamentation around windows and doors.

Also uncommon noteworthy church, built in 1719. This temple G. Logvyn called "the last echoes of the Gothic in Ukraine." Church has resumed its repaired, built around the high stone wall.

Another important place in rock-Podolsky is a park - natural monument of national importance. On its territory there are cases hospital. One stylized medieval castle. The true wonders of nature have 500-year-old giant linden and oak of the same age. Another attraction is the natural linden alley in the road Borschiv. When one of them Hrushevsky confessed his first wife Mary with Voyakivskyh, after which they were married in the same city in May 1896

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