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Berezhany district - an administrative unit in the western Ternopil region. Established in 1940. The area is pr yblyzno 660 square kilometers.Population - 45 million people. The structure Berezhansky district includes 57 settlements.

There are many mineral deposits: clay, limestone, quartz sand.

It shares borders with the following administrative units: the east of Kozova area, north-east - Peremyshlyany and Zborowski district, Lviv region; in the west - Rohatyn district, in the south - Podgaeckij district, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The greatest length of the district is from north to south - about 35 miles.

The territory is mostly flat Berezhansky area, is a geographic area Opole. The highest point in the area - Mount Popelyha, whose height is 448 meters.

The district can be divided into the following rivers, which is mainly composed of the river system: Narayivka, Golden Oak, Bybelka and their various tributaries.

Berezhansky area is actively involved in the cultural life of our country. Near operate many cultural centers, clubs, libraries, museums and more. You can select Berezhany Choir "Boyan" and Folk Choir fans "Enlightenment."

District has an active sports activities. There are several powerful sports facilities. Function FC "Falcon" and "Field" travel club "Hodak."

Among the architectural monuments Berezhansky area can be identified Potocki Palace in the village of Paradise, built in 1816, the Basilian monastery in the village Krasnopushcha - 1760.Only State Register of monuments of Ukraine made ​​out of 75 objects area.

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