Terebovlia district. Vacation

Terebovlia district - an administrative unit in the center of Ternopil region. Established in 1939.

The area is about 1130 square kilometers, a population of 79 million people.

Maximum length Terebovlia area is from west to east - 54 miles.

Terebovlyansky area bounded by the following administrative centers: in the west of Podgaeckij area in the south of Chortkiv and Buchachsky region in the east - with Husyatyn district, north-east - Pidvolochysk district, in the north - Ternopil district, in the north-west area Kozova .

The area is located within the Podolia Upland, forest-steppe zone. Flora area includes many types of hardwood and softwood. Common fauna species are wild boar, roe deer, hares, foxes and other animals.

Terebovlyansky area is rich in deposits of stone, the so-called "Terebovlia red stone."Predominant minerals of sedimentary origin, non-metallic minerals, various deposits of limestone and so on.

The largest river is the river Siret area, the length of which is 218 miles, 88 miles within the area.

History Terebovlia area dates back from early Paleolithic th.From the 10th century was part of Kievan Rus, Haltsko-Volyn principality, Austrian and Russian empires.District actively participated in World War II.

Most developed industrial area is considered the industry food industry.There is a strong raw material base for fruit and vegetables and dairy industries.There is enough power "Terebovlyansky plant skimmed milk."The district has made a glorious Mykulynetska beer. You can also select woodworking, footwear and construction industry.

The district operates Semykivsko-Sosnivskyi hydrological reserve, Zarvanytsia Park and many famous monuments of architecture and history.

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