Terebovlya. Vacation

Terebovlya located above the river Hniznoyu. It is home to 13,769 people, occupying the territory of 11 km. square. The city has a railway station of Lviv railway, motorway him international importance and highway, which connects it with the regional center.

For the first time the city was mentioned in 1097 in the "Tale of Bygone Years". That is why it can be considered one of the oldest cities in Ukraine.

According to most scientists, the name of the city comes from the old Ukrainian verb "terebyty" first settlers "vyterebyly" uprooted forest and settled.

Throughout its long history of Terebovlya belonged to Kievan Rus, then was under the rule of Poland, Austria, the USSR, and eventually independent Ukraine.

A rich history has left a great impression on the appearance of the city. Central to the architectural and historical complex Terebovli takes Terebovlya lock. It is located on Castle Hill in place of several older defenses, including a princely times. In the XVI century. begins his story "The defense Church St.. Nicholas. In 1735 there was a restructuring of the means Terebovlya Pastor Anthony Rymbaly and consent Metropolitan Anastasia Sheptytsky. Older around the church also housed a cemetery. Already restored church was consecrated on August 18, 1784 The complex of religious buildings also include the parish house (house of the pastor) and the house of the Society priests named. St.. Peter and Paul. In St. Nicholas saves a copy Terebovlyanskyj miraculous icon of the Mother of God. Otherwise, an important attraction is the church and monastery of the Carmelites. Svyatopreobrazhenskyy Basilian monastery built south of Terebovli Podgora near the village, but also is a historical and architectural complex in the city.