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Husiatyn district - administrative center in the eastern part of the Ternopil region. The district was created in Soviet times in 1940. The area is about 1 thousand square kilometers. Population Husiatyn area is 65 thousand people.

In the district includes City 2 - Kopychincy and Khorostkiv, 2 townships - Hrymayliv and Gusyatin and 60 villages.

Husyatyn area is located within the Podolia Upland. Because the district runs many rivers, including Zbruch Nichlava, rot, Mystery.

The region is also rich in minerals. Among which quartz sand, clay, marl, chalk, gravel and so on.

The first settlements in the area date back to 3 BC Since the late 10th century Husiatyn land area belonged to Kievan Rus', and later - to Terebovlia and Galicia-Volyn principality. 14-18 century has passed for Husyatynschyny under Polish rule from the early 18th century the territory of the district was part of Austria-Hungary.

And from 1918 until independence in Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union.

At present, the district developed industrial complex.In the social sector employs about 50 secondary schools, music schools, city clubs, country houses of culture, museums and hospitals.

Among the attractions of the area allocated Husiatyn Tovtrovy logs - monuments of nature sight of national importance.Emergency Khorostkiv celebrated the beauty park, Hrymaylivskyy park Hlibivskyy botanical garden.

We found many remnants of Tripoli culture, on the outskirts of the village spinning, archaeologists had discovered glass and bronze ornaments.

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