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Ternopil district - District Administrative Center in Ternopil region. The area is about 750 square kilometers. It occupies about 5.5% of the area.It borders the following areas: Terebovlyansky, Zbarazkiy, Zborowski, Kozova, Pidvolochysk.The population of the area is about 65 thousand people. Ethnic composition allocates 90% of the population - Ukrainian.The district center is located in Ternopil.

Subdivisions identifies 56 settlements. The area is located within the Volyn-Podolsk Upland. The first settlements in the area date back to 200 thousand years ago. In particular, near the village of Great Glybochok were found several such settlements.

During the First World War in the area there were fierce battles between Austrian and Russian troops. With the outbreak of World Western Ukraine was annexed by the USSR. And after World industry area began to develop rapidly; machine building, metalworking, food and light industry.

The district is the height Podolski Tovtry. Occurs many mineral springs.

The district has many famous personalities were born: K. Studynskiy public figure, musical figures to B. and M. ASTC ASTC, military leader V. Pasko, journalist J. Demydas, MP of Ukraine Viktor Derevlyany, scientist M. Lomnytsky, art and . Gareth, A. Smolyak art.

The district has 2 public bog reserves: Chystylivskyy Seretskyy hydrological and parks.

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