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Bishche - a village in Ukraine, Berezhansky district, Ternopil region. Located on the banks of the River Golden Oak. Is the center of the village council, which also includes the hamlet Zaluzhzhya. The population of the village is about 560 people; area of about 2 square kilometers.

In ancient times, the settlement served safeguard clause, even today can be seen in the artificially filled up ramparts of ancient fortifications.

There are many attractions:

Places of worship - a defensive church 16th century.

Wooden church of the Holy Martyrs Boris and Gleb.

Polish cemetery of the 16th century.

Monument to fallen fellow-villagers in World War II - 1983.

Symbolic graves of soldiers of the UPA - 1992.

On a hill in the village of a cross on the occasion of Ukraine's independence in 1991.

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