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Sambor - Neighborhood Center in Lviv region. It is home to 35,054 people. Space settlement is 24 km. square. In the southern part of the Dniester River. Sambor located on perehresti routes Lviv Uzhhorod Drogobych-Przemysl. Also are electrified railways, main lines and pipelines.

The first written mention of the city dates back to 1241 year. In that year, then the Horde ruined city Sambor (teperishniy Stary Sambor) and utsilili The inhabitants took refuge in good ukriplenomu post of teamsters, who was hiding in a thicket on the bank Forest-Dniester. Since 1390 Pohonych became New Sambor and former Sambor - old Sambora. Subsequently New Sambor Sambor was just. In the same year the Polish King Wladyslaw Jagiello gave Sambirschynu Krakow aging Spytkovi with Melshtyna; Sambor received Magdeburg rights. In 1903 - 1905 years completed the construction of railways Sambir Lviv, Chernivtsi Sambir-i built Vokzalnoe premises.

Sambor rich in architectural monuments, among them:

    Church of St. John the Baptist (1530-1568);
    remains Samborskogo castle XVI. - House hunting and balances shafts;
    Church and monastery BernardynivXVII century.;
    BryhidokXVII century monastery.;
    Nativity of the Blessed BohorodytsiXVIII century., which holds the relics of St. Valentine and miraculous Sambir Virgin;
    Sambir ratushaXVII-XIX centuries.;
    Ensemble house on Market Square (XVII-XX centuries).
    remnants of the city defenses.

In Sambor born many prominent and talented people, the most famous of them are:

    Samborchyk Gregory scientist and poet Middle Ages;
    Peter Konashevych Sahaidachny-hetman Zaporizhzhya Sich;
    Kulchitsky Yuri-Franz-hero of the battle for Vienna, founder of the first European coffee;
    Kurbas Les-eminent actor and director;
    Rabij-Karpinskaya Sophia Ukrainian linguist-dialectologists;
    Valery Borzov Philipp-Ukrainian athlete, two-time Olympic champion, political and social activist;
    Gives the analysis Bohdan I.-Ukrainian journalist, writer;
    Theodore Ripetsky-worker ZUNR his son Vsevolod Ripetsky;
    Stebelsky Stephen Major UPA commander hundreds "Drummer-5," chief tactical piece of UPA-West "Makivka";
    A. Bachinsky, actor and director, the founder of professional Ukrainian theater;
    Fylypchak John writer, ethnographer and teacher.

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