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Active tourism agency "Rostra"

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71 Demetrius st, Kyiv city, Ukraine
+38 067 783-73-58
+38 050 357-88-72
e-mail: shel@rostra.com.ua
www: http://rostra.com.ua
N: 48.122946
E: 24.69237
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Tourist center "Silver Kosice"

In a remote corner of Verhovinsky Carpathians, in the protected valley district. Bystrets among lush green spruce slopes and unusual topography of mountain ranges located c. Bystrets that stretches isolated cottages Hutsul a dozen kilometers into the Carpathian Reserve.

At the foot of a small cozy Kosarysche spine, along with two Lakes, constantly replenished from several sources, crystal clear water, is our base, which is the starting point for a multi-day trips, the first civilized point after challenging hiking trails, shelter children educational groups and place rest eager to nature romantics.

Places seem only at the order of tourism services.

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Organizing and conducting outdoor activities - trips, hiking, climbing Goverlu, holiday tours, corporate and children's holiday, visiting historic and natural attractions, sport competitions, exclusive development of routes, accommodation at the base. Agency of the federation is working with sports tourism.


Sport hiking in hiking (on foot always starts) divided by complexity into six categories. The main principle from the simple - to complex! And until you gained previous experience, will not get to a higher level.

Similarly, in the campaigns. Therefore, the risks associated with tourism, can be minimized, guided by this principle.


We will take your children interesting and useful things: teach love nature and be with her "you"! Ask the child the right choice. Give her a break from your excessive care and learn to make decisions. It will explore the world in the company of our instructors and their peers.


On weekends move away from everyday life and immerse yourself in the world of history, nature, fresh air and fun trips. What could be the best in our turbulent age? A search for new interesting friends? ... Is not worth it for at least a few days break at an unknown distance, and then let him be as the song - the sky instead of houses ...


As many new and unusual aim we show in our travels demanding customers. While walking the same route several times, surprised that he continues prymanyuvaty you. The answer is simple: mountains always different, every moment! ..

Our aim - to contribute fully to all who wish to experience variety and diversity of the world directly to the taste and touch.


This race resembles life itself, and this can only speak lived it big enough span. One of us had the good fortune to be a member of the national team of Ukraine in the last All-Union competitions and mentions about the incredible unity of fire burning in the chest of each of the team members. It was a real school of courage and solidarity, which is currently lacking not only ordinary citizens but also leaders.


We have prepared a series of journeys on the history of the national liberation struggle in Ukraine. These tours are introduced to the key events that took place in Ukraine, influenced our history and, ultimately, became the foundation of the creation of an independent Ukraine. Some of them you know, some may have heard.

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